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Liberty School is an innovative educational program at NTC. This program offers at-risk students from San Diego County schools an opportunity to work with resident non-profit and civic organizations on project-based learning that supplements and enriches standards-based classroom instruction. Liberty School Program extends learning to NTC campus and engages the resident organizations’ teaching expertise and program offering to students who, without the program, would not have access to such professional instruction.

Liberty School students at United States Karate Academy San Diego

Students are taught through hands-on, experiential learning strategies as they learn about themselves through dance, art, music, photography, drama, and physical education while covering standards in literacy, math, and the visual and performing arts. Liberty School students drumming at Recreational Music Center

Liberty School serves three student populations: 1) 3rd grade students from Dewey Elementary School in Point Loma (mostly children of active military personnel) who come to program one afternoon each week; 2) 7th & 8th grade students from San Diego Unified School District’s ALBA (Alternative Learning for Behavior and Attitude) program who come to the program for one day each week; 3) students from the County of San Diego’s Juvenile Court and Community Schools who attend one day each week. For many of our students, formal education has not worked. Liberty School is an opportunity to look at learning in a whole new way, an opportunity to be successful and enjoy the learning as part of the success.

Liberty School students making pottery at ARTS: A Reason to Survive

For more information about Liberty School contact Alan Ziter, Executive Director at 619-573-9315 or