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Barracks 3- San Diego Comic Gallery! TMNT
San Diego Comic Art Gallery San Diego’s only gallery completely dedicated to sequential comic book art!

The SDCAG will start off with a bang with an exciting exhibit of the prolific work of San Diego resident Kevin Eastman, the co-creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Featuring numerous highlights from the very first Turtle sketch to the most recent comic book cover, fans get a first-hand look into the creation of a pop culture sensation. Barracks 3 First Floor

Meet Kevin Eastman and get his autograph from 6:00-7:30pm. Meet the Artist!

Barracks 14

Market Street Artsit Group- The Market Street Artists open their studio during Friday Night Liberty on July 3rd in Barracks 14.. Join them as they show beautiful paintings and a rare opportunity to make a purchase of a lifetime. San Diego’s “best kept secret”. Artwork by gallery represented artists gives you a chance to buy directly from the studio. Second Floor.Meet the Artist!

PORTRAITS 4 ALL— Featured oil painting study from the famous WWI recruitment poster by James Flagg Montgomery "I Want You !". Emerging California artist, Nancy Tokos, working ground floor studio on the northend, Barracks 14 (next to Stone Brewing & Moment Bicycles). Follow the music by acoustic guitarist outside BARRACKS 14. REMEMBER: you save $$$ when buying direct from the artist. Everybody loves a portrait! Meet the Artist!

Point Loma Tea — In honor of Independence Day we will be featuring our Red, White and Blue Teas! And to commemorate that iconic precursor to the Revolution - The Boston Tea Party - let's party like it's 1773! OK, maybe not, but there will be music, food, beverages and art! Now that's a party!

The Hot Spot — Make your own masterpiece! Paint an original ceramic including mugs, wine glasses, plates and more. Or make a fun scented candle! Great for date night, family time or an evening with friends!

Visit the Second Floor of Barracks 14 to see more artists studios including Brian Brown Studio and the Artsy Girl !

Barracks 15
Anneville Studio — Watch as the artist creates gold mokume gane wedding rings by hand with torch, hammer and saw in this traditional metalworking studio. Great gifts, too ‐ unique, handmade sterling silver and mokume‐gane jewelry. Meet the Artist!

Lauren LeVieux Studio Elusive- It's like trying to remember the dream. It's the nature of a relationship. Come and try to find what is missing while viewing a series of recent oil paintings by local artist, Lauren LeVieux.

San Diego Museum Council — hosts the Living Coast Discovery Center with Tyco the Owl and other furry friends! Come meet them and snap a selfie while youlearn about animal conservation.

Barracks 16
Inspirations Gallery and SD Writers Ink — SDWI Instructor Lisa Monaco Gonzales with us to answer questions show books created through her Publish My Book Prep™ (Writing for Kids) class. Her four day camp for first through eight graders will be 7/13-16 and the kids will write/illustrate a book and receive a copy. Sign up at www.sandiegowriters.org

STONE — an exhibit devoted solely to the material the planet is made of -- stone. Photoartist John Thomas Wood shows his images of stone from the Pacific Northwest, Hawaii, San Diego and Spain that will rock your world. You won’t look at stone in the same way again.

Womens Museum of CaliforniaFreyda Miller’s photographic essay, Here Comes the Bride and Other Nightmares is a collection of provocative, emotional, and dream like images juxtaposed with quotes from historical and literary figures. Together they examine the personal, social, political, spiritual, and materialistic aspects of marriage. Bridal wear of the last century from the Museum’s collection will be included as part of the show. OTHER FESTIVE STUFF: Artists and music outside on the Arcade with a July Fourth flair.

Barracks 17

Studio C — Within the Shadows Castrejón and Lehman explore the endless and the contrasting world of the black and white world. Paintings, drawings, mixed media art pieces will transform the studio into an exploration of lights and darks, grays and those hues hidden in between.Art expose in which the stories will appear as a demonstration of past and present experiences? Two artists committed to share art as a daily experience, always with the main idea to create conversation. Barracks 16

Barracks 19
Bravo School of Art — Celebrate 6 years of Making Art at Bravo School Of Art with free instructor demonstrations and registration specials throughout the night. Enroll in hands-on art classes: Summer Art Camp for Children, Mosaic, Drawing, Painting, Weaving, Mixed Media, Zentangle®, Digital Photography and more.

M Fischbeck Studio Gallery — Celebrating the 4th. Artwork by Peggy Fischbeck. Florals by Petals on the Point. Make Your Mark for Art - Our Founding Fathers. Meet the Artist!

Building 201
Martha Pace Swift Gallery —The Flag Show- Artist respond to the worlds most recognized abstraction. Featuring more than 8 artists! Visit the gallery on the second floor.

Building 202

San Diego Watercolor Society —Water Conservation show “Waves of Color” with a reception from 5 - 8 p.m. on July 3rd that includes live music and appetizers. SDWS is also co-sponsoring a children’s art show with the City of San Diego in its Education Center.

Visions Art Museum: Contemporary Quilts + Textiles
3° of Abstraction: Three artists with very different approaches to abstraction bring their unique voices. See the work of Shelley Brenner Baird, Pat Kroth, and Karen Rips.
Dual Perspective: Lura Schwarz Smith and Kerby C. SmithThis husband and wife artist duo incorporate digital techniques in their work using their own photographs and drawings.
Active Configurations: features the vibrant work of Rosemary Hoffenberg that suggests a lively scene. Although abstract in design, the work has many references.
Abstract: a series of small, vertical format quilts by Visions Art Museum members on the theme.

Friday Night Liberty is a monthly first Friday evening of FREE open artist studios, galleries and events throughout NTC at Liberty Station's Arts & Cultural District.  Free parking. Free Admission.  The Freedom to explore, wander and enjoy our growing cultural campus.

Friday Night Liberty Annual Sponsors:

Bank of America

Financial support for Friday Night Liberty is provided in part to the NTC Foundation by Bank of America,, the City of San Diego Commission for Arts & Culture, the County of San Diego and The Heller Foundation of San Diego